PWA News (Deprecated)

Welcome to the PWA News (a shell of its former self) site; I built this project as one of the sample applications included in my Learning Progressive Web Apps book. I published the site online so readers could see the completed project and compare expected behavior of this reference version of the app against their local working version.

The site operated for two years in a docker container hosted on Linode, but incurred monthly cost to me personally. As I explained in the book, I would eventually shut down the site after giving readers a couple of years of access to it. That day has arrived; on March 31, 2022 I shut down the site and replaced it with this shell of its former self site. You can read about the shutdown on the book's web site at Shutting Down the PWA News Site.

Don't panic, you can still access the book's source code on GitHub and run a local copy of the production site using the book's source code and Node.js. And, I'm still responding to issues created in the repository when readers need help. Don't forget to check the site's Errata section before creating an issue.

Note: In 2020 Microsoft announced it was deprecating the Bing News Search API used by the book's code, and replacing it with something else (you can read more about it here); this change happens in late 2023 . With the announcement, Microsoft stopped allowing customers to create new API keys for the soon-to-be-deprecated Search service. Due to this, the content in the book describing how to register for an API key for the service (chapters 3, 4, and 5) is not accurate for new readers (existing API users have until late 2023 to use an existing API key). Correspondingly, the source code for those chapters is not aware of the new search API and key change either. Don't worry, as soon as Microsoft made the announcement, I wrote new content and fixed the source code to work with the updated API. The code and documentation is in the book's source code repository under the updated-server folder.

Just for fun, here's a screen shot of this site in its early days: